Optimal enchantment

"For The Magic of Music"

About Us

 Roughly thirty five years ago, I decided to open my own stereo shop in Santa Monica. My goals were simple, I wanted to have the finest products available at any given price, and I wanted to provide an environment where people could compare several of the highest quality hi-fi components in a meaningful way. Over the years I have continued to select only products which meet my very high standards through careful evaluation and countless hours of  critical listening. Additionally, I have always been careful to select items which make sense for my clients. That means products from companies who have a demonstrated history of innovative design, highest-quality manufacturing, and outstanding customer service.

Another of my goals is for my clients to get long-term satisfaction from their purchases. I hear from people all the time who are still enjoying Vandersteen speakers which they purchased from us more than a decade ago. This is the kind of experience I like my clients to have! If you like music I hope you will bring some of your favorites in a for a listen. I will be happy to assist you whether you are looking for a modest sound solution or ready to assemble your cost-no-object dream system. Optimal Enchantment is not like other electronics stores, and I am very proud of that.

Randall Cooley